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Free Blackberry Applications

Demand for free applications is always huge, so is the availability, but with so much of information available over internet, it is extremely difficult for busy BlackBerry users to take out time for a detailed scanning.

But before moving ahead, let me share with you a disturbing news published on the website of CNET,  "The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team warned BlackBerry users on Tuesday about a new program called PhoneSnoop that allows someone to remotely eavesdrop on phone conversations. The PhoneSnoop application must be installed on the phone by someone who has physical access to it or by tricking the user into downloading it, the CERT advisory said."

Don't worry, just avoid installing  PhoneSnoop on your handheld, and also keep it locked, so that some of your professional rivals are not able to do so.

Now, if you are looking for a treasure island of free BlackBerry applications - all in one place - then take out an hour from your busy schedule and go through the details of 100 free applications, mentioned on  Blackberry App World Website.

Looking at some of the recommendations:

1.10 free BlackBerry applications suggested by Grant on are, no doubt useful; however, blackberry facebook application and twitterberry are already quite popular, and I strongly suggest both for making your life aligned with Social Media revolution. You may try  other applications as well.

2. 15 must have free Blackberry application recommended by Technically Personal do have few common software, already mentioned in previous recommendation. Here, I would give full marks to 'Opera Mini for Web Browsing,'  in view of it's awesome functionality, allowing me to surf through fully functional linkedin and facebook website on my BlackBerry Curve.

Hope, you are able to find out free Blackberry applications of your choice !

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