How Social media platform can effect your NPS score

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How Social media platform can effect your NPS score

Whether it’s a book review on Amazon, a local food blogger reporting on your restaurant, or someone angrily tweeting about the service you just completed on their car – recommendations are now forming the basis of a number of services online.

This could be very important to you if you are using the Net Promoter score (NPS) as a key measure which clearly measures ‘recommendation’.

The rise of social media has led to consumer journalism; where everyone is a critic, everyone is a reviewer, and everyone can broadcast their opinion. How do consumers filter through this mass of reviews and recommendations? The social construct they employ is built on trust.

To what extent can you trust the reviewer? What else have they reviewed? What’s their experience with the category? A paper in the Journal of Consumer Psychology investigated trust levels of expert vs. novice and experienced vs. inexperienced reviewers, they found the following

The researchers found that people were more likely to trust a reviewer when the combination of the level of expertise and the degree of confidence was surprising. That is, they tended to trust the non-expert reviewer more when he was very confident than when he was not so confident.

In contrast, they tended to trust the expert reviewer more when he was tentative than when he was very confident.