Coaching & Mentoring Tips by @Gmontadaro

Banyak yang masih kagok menjadi Coach. Padahal menjadi coach adalah mestinya keseharian kita.

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Berikut ini Kultwit @Gmontadaro yang sangat menarik dan berguna :)
# 1. Many managers see #coaching as seperate task, side dish on the menu of business responsibility, extra job in busy day cc @indiraabidin
# 2. Only few realize #coaching is important, not just to develop a learning organization, but also to shape our leadership skill as manager
# 3. #Coaching can improve business result, lead to greater leadership satisfaction, develop mind and heart share of subordinates and staffs
# 4. Many managers think #coaching is the same as managing, but they are very different 8:42 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPad
# 5. As functional manager, it's our job to direct our staffs on daily work, check their report / sales target. that's managing, not #coaching
# 6. #Coaching is interaction aimed at helping our staffs to improve their performance & move toward greater success
# 7. Everyone needs to have coach, someone who can help us reshape our skills, assist us to improve to next level #coaching
# 8. There are several skills that can be learned to be a good coach #coaching 8:52 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPad
# 9. Coach must be supporting to sustain and enhance relationship, the person also must have be willing to give advice and encourage people
# 10. Coach must be a good initiator, includes initiate contact, start discussion, and giving feedback #coaching
# 11. Coach must be honest, honest in giving advice or even point blank feedback whether it is positive /negative for sake of improvement
# 12. Strong commitment, coaching require investment on time, took lots commitment to ensure sustain #coaching process until seeing result
# 13. Coach must be a good listener, #coaching is 80/20, 80% listening and 20% talking. Listening also requires skill 2 read body language
# 14. Coach must be a good observer, lots of unspoken words, still can be read through body gestures or "reading between lines" #coaching
# 15. Coach must have no vested interest, our single aim is to ensure the person improve to next level , nothing should clouds our judgement
# 16. Coach must be good in follow up, monitoring progress of staff we coached. Took lots of time & effort, but worth the investment #coaching
# 17. Success breeds success, we can only be considered as successful manager if we're able to make our staffs successful
# 18. Our effectiveness as manager is dependent on how well we coach our subordinates , it have do be done consistently & frequently #coaching
# 19. When we see #coaching as way to integrate technical, business & build up relationship aspect with staff, "managing" is no longer exist
# 20. Having a #coaching culture will ensure sustainabilty of Company, creating a powerful "learning" organization
# 21. Well..that's my twit on #coaching, semoga berguna untuk yg baca :)
# Yup agree with @riginoto: Coach is competence mgmt, mentor is life mgmnt.. @sipietz: how is #coaching different with mentoring?"”
# Good one, komplitnya "Tell - show - reshape - monitor “@mrtampi: my #coaching principle = tell them and SHOW them.”
# Thanks :) “@sipietz: tweetnya Gmontadaro ttg #coaching bermanfaat bgt, baru ikut training 2 mgg lalu & skrg sdg practice.. thx bro..”
# Mumpung belum ngantuk, mari disambung obrolan ttg #coaching dan apa bedanya ama #mentoring *ajak ngobrol jg @revolutia @CiscaDV @carmel_888
# 22. #Coaching is different with #mentoring
# 23. #Coaching focus on i proving one performance while #mentoring focus on individual character building 9:33 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPad
# 24. #Coaching has specific agenda ex : coaching someone from accountant to be future CFO while #mentoring has no specific agenda
# 25. Normally company will assign someone to do #coaching for selected staff while #mentoring is you select someone to be your mentor
# 26. #Coaching is normally done by someone higher position to lower position while chosing someone 4 #mentoring is based on perceive value
# 27. #Coaching is task related, you're coached to enable u to perform on certain job while #mentoring is lifetime with indefinete time frame
# 28. #Mentoring is like a sounding board, mentor can give advice but partner is free to pick or refuse, meaning there's no progress assesment
# 29. #Mentoring is power-free, two way mutually beneficial relationship. Mentor act as facilitator, allow partner to discover his own path
# 30 #Mentor doesn't provide solution, mentor will ask question to surface ur own thinking and let u find ur own solution #mentoring
# 31. #Mentor only provide advice, shares knowledge & experiences, teaches using low pressure - self discovery approach...
# 32. Both #Coach & #Mentor are important, coach is important to improve ur skill for career advancement, mentor guides you throughout life
# 33. That's about #Coaching and #Mentoring :)

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